Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sun Mountain 50k Elevation Profile

i'll get elevation profiles up on here soon but for now here's some info...

total elevation gain 5400ft

out of the three "major" climbs the first big one, which climbs 700 feet, is the steepest but it's early and it's only about a mile long, the 2nd big one climbs steadily 1330ft in 3.3 miles to the top of Patterson Mtn (elevation 3511ft). the last one which goes to the high point on the course Thompson Pass (elv. 3640ft) is not very steep at all taking 10.5 miles to go up 1900ft from Patterson Lake. most of the rest of the 1500ft of gain comes in short and sweet little bursts.

low point on the course is at 2200ft.

for a top runner there will be very little or no walking on this course!